TAGALOG Beginner Level

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Contact Number:
+63-927-8300-973 (Mobile)
+63-02-404-3532 (Telephone)

Contact Address:
Block 42Lot 6,
Araneta Street,
Katarungan Village,
1776 Muntinlupa City,

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Number of Hours: 20 hours

Teaching Methods:
Tagalog Lessons in Person (Metro Manila, Philippines)
Online Tagalog Lessons (Skype)

What you learn

Basic greetings
This is not simply saying Good morningGood evening, etc. You learn how to say thank yougoodbye and respond in kind. Furthermore, you learn to ask simple questions like Where are you going?Where are you from?, how to respond to these, and many more.
 Subject Pronouns & Subject Articles

Subject pronouns and subject articles form one of the foundations of a Tagalog sentence, which is why it is important to learn these early. 
Tagalog Interrogative Pronouns
You learn how to use the 4 W (WhoWhatWhen, and Where) and 2 H (How muchHow many). These are very important in asking basic questions in Tagalog (and expecting a reply in Tagalog, too!). After this stage, the student is expected to at least start simple conversations and ask for basic information from any Tagalog speaker.

Tagalog Numbers

This is connected to lessons How many and How much. Knowing how to say the small numbers in Tagalog is considered very vital in a person's daily Tagalog interactions.

Tagalog Vocabulary

This includes Tagalog demonstrative pronouns (this and that), adverbs of time, names of days and many more.

Structure of Tagalog Sentences

This is very important to learn because Tagalog sentences are flexible. Although Tagalog grammar is considered complex, TaGaLuGin has developed materials that makes this easy (or, rather, not that difficult) to learn.

Cancellation Policy

Lesson canceled by the student in 12 hours or more is not considered charged.
Lesson canceled by the student in less than 12 hours is considered charged.
Lesson not attended by the student without any notice is considered charged.

Lesson canceled by the trainer in 12 hours or more is not considered charged.
Lesson canceled by the trainer in less than 12 hours is not considered charged.
Lesson not attended by the trainer without any notice is not considered charged.

Mr John Pyles, student of Ms Crisanta Morante, speaks Tagalog!

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